Darryl – An Outward Bound Story



Darryl, a failed marathon runner plagued with self-doubt, travels the Cook Strait on a ferry to get to Picton to begin an 8 day Adult Discovery Course at Outward Bound with a rag-tag bunch of other adults all on a quest for self-discovery.

Darryl Walker is a lost soul with a handlebar moustache.  An aspiring long distance runner, he recently missed out on finishing the 2014 Taranaki Mountain to Surf marathon after his pencil thin body succumbed to dehydration and he flailed around like a newborn foal before collapsing on the ground and into a long depression.  The YouTube video of his humiliating efforts has garnered almost 2 million hits and Darryl’s now a hit in his own right but for all the wrong reasons.  Ever since that fateful day, he has surrounded himself with lofty self-help books and videos in a frantic effort to return his mindset back to it’s former winning self.  Unfortunately, the results have been less than effective.  Now Darryl has heard about the iconic Outward Bound organisation, which has changed the lives and minds of over 70,000 Kiwis.  In a desperate bid to ‘sharpen the saw’, he has enrolled in an 8 day Adult Discovery course which he believes will help him acquire the necessary mindset to win the 2015 Taranaki Mountain to Surf marathon.

Darryl – An Outward Bound Story
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