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Chef Messenger

Chef Messenger


Chef Messenger is a unique reality show packed with fun, emotions and of course some gourmet food!thumbnail-chef-messenger



Each episode captures the story of a protagonist who needs assistance to convey an important message to a loved one. A celebrity chef helms the show and acts as the friend-philosopher-guide, helping the protagonist in his/her quest.



  • A warm, feel good entertainment format that draws the viewers into an emotional journey
  • A food show with a difference! A unique presentation which brings together food and emotions
  • The celeb chef connects with the viewers as a friend, trying to help people express themselves
  • The show can also be helmed by a star with wider mass appeal


Sample messages can be …chef-messenger-111

  • Baby announcement by couple to close family
  • Wedding proposal by girlfriend/boyfriend
  • Apology to a loved one
  • Coming out of the closet
  • Homecoming surprise to parents
  • Surprising family with a new house
  • Kids prepare a date set-up for parents
  • Clearing differences/misunderstandings


Chef Messenger – making the world a happier place one gourmet message at a time!


Steal That Style

Steal That Style

screen-shot-2017-11-01-at-3-03-36-am  screen-shot-2017-11-01-at-3-02-14-am

Have you ever seen someone in the street with an outfit you love? Don’t you wish you could you could just stop them and ask “where did you get that?” or even better, get them to give it you?

Get ready, to STEAL THAT STYLE!

Three women meet an internationally known stylist who kicks off the competition with a little advice on looks that will work for each of them.

The only problem is they can’t go to their usual fashion destinations. Instead they have just an hour to create their outfit using only clothes belonging to regular people they encounter on the street.



Like “The Apprentice”, they must use their powers of persuasion, negotiation and charm to put together their best looking outfit for only $1000. This includes shoes, jewelry, skirt, blouse, hat, bag, make up etc.



If they make a deal, the person will give them their clothes there and then (they’ll be given show branded merchandise to take the place of the item of clothing they just sold).


Once the clock has stopped, the contestants are whisked away to get a makeover, hair and makeup, but also we will see the clothes getting their own makeover with first class dry cleaning treatment, to make them all sparkly new, and also a few extra touches from our stylist.



Back in the studio, the host will judge who did it best!





Top Table

Top Table



21 year olds compete to earn a seat at The Top Table and face off against local and national politicians.



All questions are on the table in this engaging, powerful public debate forum, currently broadcast on BBC One Northern Ireland. Questions run from “Should drugs be legalized?” t0 “Does God exist?” From “Have young people abandoned the BBC?” to “Should you have a vote at 16?” From “Is porn dangerous?” to questions about mental health, Brexit and The Irish Language Act.





The host moderates the conversation, and the four youngsters selected for the hot seats have been supported in debate techniques and public speaking so they can argue their case from their personal standpoints effectively and well.



Politicians from across the spectrum sit opposite, prepared to answer the toughest questions posed to them by the younger generation and the audience members.



The studio audience is also divided into two groups; one 21 and younger, the other 21 and older.


The emphasis is always on the voices of the youngsters, and cut-away interviews from the local area allow even more of them to have their say and be heard.


The Top Table brings a youth audience to the debate, stays current and fresh, and can be run before elections, on a weekly or monthly schedule, or around special national events and interests.






See It, Sing It!

See It, Sing It!




This is a 30 minute panel game show where you literally sing what you see.

Two (celebrity) teams compete for points as they sing as many songs as they can see in a picture or video clip. The teams must sing a line of a song whose title corresponds to what they see in the video or picture, and the host awards them a point for every successful match.

With plenty of light-hearted comedy, play-at-home and app potential, this format is sure to become a favorite.

Email us for more details on the game play!



La Derniere Porte

La Derniere Porte



Available as a format and as finished content, 8 x 26′

La Dernière Porte/The Last Door is a 26-minute adventure game based on Escape Games during which 3 contestants have to find and solve puzzles within a limited time in order to win prizes.

The three friends have to think, communicate and work together. The experience is firmly immersive, with the host replaced by a voice-over (the Game Master) who reminds them of the rules of the game and the stakes, as well as giving them advice if they chose to use a joker to get help in a room.ldp-ilario

Each program is a new mission, with each mission based on a specific world (Pirates, Far West, Medieval, Egypt…) in which stories are told. This gives young viewers the opportunity to learn while having fun!


After a short introduction, the contestants are invited to enter the time machine in order to get briefed on the mission that awaits them.

Contestants progress through 3 successive rooms. In each room, the kids have 8 minutes to find clues that will lead them to a puzzle they need to solve. ldp-kids-with-skeleton-pix

Clues mean hidden objects in each room that allow them, individually or assembled together, to access the puzzle (keys, magnet wire, rod, etc.). A puzzle is a scroll the contestants have to decipher or solve.

Camera work breaks the rules of children’s studio based game shows, with GoPros bringing the audience into the middle of the action with all the immediacy of taking part in a video game.

Puzzles are also submitted to the viewers as soon as they are found so they can solve them at home. ldp-bw

The quicker the contestants solve the puzzles in the rooms, the more bonus points they earn and the closer they get to winning the main prize.

Prizes range from an electronic skateboard, to tablet computers, and smaller prizes for taking part in the game. ldp-prizes





A Week in the World

A Week in the World





A Week in the World is a travel quiz show with a difference. Every week, a new destination country is chosen and a city or region highlighted.

The host gets out and about on the street to meet with people and talk about their neighborhoods, or share their knowledge, talents, or enthusiasm, and find out what makes their place special.



A Week in the World gets to the heart and soul of a destination, and meets some real characters along the way!

Artists, business people, street vendors, craftsmen and women, historians, residents, entertainers, young and old, people from all backgrounds and ways of life can feature in the show.

awitw-marcusSix of the featured residents will act as impromptu quiz show hosts at intervals during the show, and read out a question for the viewers at home to answer.

All the questions are related to the destination, and require general knowledge or paying attention. The viewers at home take note of their six answers.

At the end of the show, viewers who think they have all the correct answers can text in for a chance to win a trip for two to that week’s destination hot spot. Every week the host will be off to find new quiz masters in another part of the world.


Trailer: https://vimeo.com/206109406

Hatching a Fortune

Hatching a Fortune




Hatching a Fortune is a game show based on hatching eggs. It combines general knowledge with sheer luck! Over 3 rounds, contestants battle to win eggs, incubate eggs, and finally hatch eggs in the final round.

The Eggs

There are 3 types of egg in this competition. Competitors have 30 eggs to choose from.

Not everything that comes out of an egg is nice! There are 10 booby prizes, represented by reptiles inside the egg. These prizes have no commercial value.

croc-in-egg10 eggs contain “nice” prizes. These prizes are of moderate value, $50-200 dollars.

Our final 10 eggs are the Golden Eggs that contain high value prizes, for example holidays and cash prizes.

All eggs are the same size, colour and weight, the size of an ostrich egg. In addition to prize information, eggs also contain a light which is controlled electronically.

How the game works:

The game has three rounds.

Round 1

This general knowledge round places 3 competitors in competition to win as many eggs as possible. The contestant with the lowest score is eliminated.

At the end of the round, the 2 winning competitors select their eggs from “the nest” – they move their eggs to their incubators.

Round 2

Round 2 is about keeping eggs alive. Each egg has an inbuilt glowing light. Every ten seconds, a light will be extinguished, and an egg will die. The only way to delay is by answering a question correctly, which gives a time stay of 10 seconds.

In Round 2, contestants go head to head to answer general knowledge questions. They cannot win additional eggs, but the score keeps their eggs alive.

So for example – a competitor has 10 eggs at the beginning of the round. He answers a question correctly after 6 seconds – a light won’t then go out for another 14 seconds. If 5 seconds later he answers another question correctly, a light won’t go out for another 19 seconds. If he fails to answer a question for 30 seconds, 1 light will go out, and another one 9 seconds later.chick

If a competitor buzzes in and answers a question incorrectly, a light will automatically be extinguished.
The competitor with the most eggs at the end of the round goes through to the final.
There is an option to show the loser what they would have won by hatching their eggs – opening them to reveal their prizes.

Round 3

In the final, the remaining contestant has 60 seconds to hatch as many eggs as possible. Answering a question correctly will hatch the egg (release a lid).
At the end of the 60 seconds, the prizes won will be revealed.

The Set

The set in Round 1 consists of 3 podiums for contestants, a podium for the presenter and a display containing the 30 eggs, from which contestants will choose their eggs should they proceed to the next round.

In Round 2, incubators are placed adjacent to each competitor. This is where they place their eggs for the next round. The incubator controls switching off the lights within the eggs in accordance with the rules of the game.


In the final round, the winning player moves their eggs to The Hatchery. As questions are answered correctly, the eggs crack but do not open. The object of the round is to have as many eggs opened as possible within 60 seconds.

The final reveal is at The Incubator, where the competitor opens their eggs to reveal their prizes.





Gobbledygook is a studio based word game with a host, and 3 teams of 2 competitors who compete for the Grand Prize. Ideal for a celebrity panel who love to talk!

The object of the game is to take a simple word or phrases, then convey the same meaning but using as many words as possible. It sounds easy, but it’s difficult to do under pressure …

The players try to create an alternative description using the longest words possible. The game is scored using an average letter count. For example, take a screwdriver. It’s a tool. It removes screws, so “screw removal tool” is a good description. There are 16 letters in the three words, so the score is 16/3. It could also be described as a “screw manipulation device” giving 23 letters across 3 words, so the score is 23/3. The higher score wins.

There are three rounds to the game and players must write their answers down.

In Round 1, Single Words, each player gets 20 seconds to come up with their longest alternative way of describing each word.gobbledegook-small-logo

In Round 2, there is a two word phrase like “Fat Cat.” It can become “dangerously obese domesticated feline” 34/4 average letter count, 8.5. The rules are the same and the team have 30 seconds to come up with an answer.

Round 3 is the final round, and the winning team is playing for prizes which are only given for average letter counts of 8, 9 or 10.

There are a few simple rules! You can’t use proper names. The words you use must describe the words in the question. It’s OK to use “the” “and” or “a” but they count as one word and bring the overall average letter score down. As the players must write their answers down, they have to be able to spell.

The Expert
The show has an expert adjudicator, who has credentials in English or the language of broadcast, and an excellent vocabulary. In addition to adjudicating on answers, the expert must be able to come up with his or her own answers that rival or beat the competitors.

The Host
The host will introduce the questions and competitors, as well as explain the rules of the game. He or she should also have good rapport with the Expert.




It’s simple, 8 arms and one mind! Octopus has contestants working in teams of 4, acting in unison, in order to reach the final round and win the big prize!

To start out, players are drawn from the studio audience to make 3 teams of 4. The team are grouped so they face outward from each other, and cannot see how everyone else answers.


When they answer questions, they hit their buzzers and must all react in the same way to win points. For example, if asked “Is Manchester in Great Britain?” all 4 team members must say “Yes!” to win a point. If one person answers incorrectly, they all fail to score. Likewise, in multiple choice questions, all team members must make the correct choice to win the point. The game also includes a challenge round, where 1 team member is randomly chosen to complete a challenge and win points. The challenge round has 5 challenges, not related to general knowledge, but about inherent skills and talents such as Language, Memory, Music, Spatial Relations, or Dexterity. octopus-logo

There are 3 rounds for the Octopii to get through…

Round 1 – True or False. After this general knowledge round, the top 2 teams go through.
Round 2 – Challenges. The first team to get 3 points goes through to the final.
Round 3 – Multiple choice against the clock. There are 4 options for every question, and the Octopus Team must get 10 points within 90 seconds to win the grand prize!




Turn It to Gold

Turn It to Gold


Turn It To Gold – music talent format, 13 x weeks

Turn It To Gold combines the best of music talent shows, with a dash of karaoke, Russian Roulette and Big Brother all in one format. Over 13 weeks of competition, 12 ambitious amateur singers are paired off in a game of chance that challenges their musical abilities and creativity.   

Every week, new pairs are formed and a different song is allocated to each pair. They have only a week to prepare it for the Saturday sing-off. Making things even more interesting, each pair is TITG-2allocated different resources to start off their rehearsals. The singers must put aside their personal and style differences and get creative for the sake of the song. Will their performance be a harmonious duet or a vicious duel? Can they work together and Turn It To Gold?

The results will be presented at the end of the week to a live studio audience and judging panel, with wildly varied results. You can expect dramatic and unexpected successes, massive failures, creative clashes and triumphant emerging partnerships. The singers must stay in the game until the bitter end, for better or for worse.  Some pairs will work brilliantly together, while others are a complete disaster.  It all depends on the spin of a wheel …

TITG-3A panel of 2 judges will listen to and comment on the final songs. Then the studio audience will have to collectively decide on points out of 10 for each song.

The element of chance spins like Russian roulette. How will the hip hop queen work with the country singer? Can the ego-­driven talent of the young rock prince work in cooperation with the blues singer’s creative ideas?

There are no eliminations until the 7th week, so we get to know the musical talents and characters of our singers inside out.

They’re all in it until the end and as some personalities emerge and clash, others come together with results that will amaze and inspire.