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Making The Mars Rover

Making The Mars Rover



Making The Mars Rover

120′ special in 2 parts

When NASA’s Kennedy Space Center challenged Marc and Shanon Parker to design and build a concept vehicle for a 2030 manned mission to Mars, they met with former astronauts and NASA engineers to create the Martian rover of the future.making-the-mars-rover-sketch-promo

“Making the Mars Rover” shows how Parker Brothers Concepts built a futuristic vehicle to inspire and educate visitors at the Kennedy Space Center as part of the new Astronaut Training Experience making-the-mars-rover-promo-3attraction. Custom car experts Marc and Shanon Parker incorporated input from NASA into the build, along with their own unique design features and many engineering challenges along the way.

“Making the Mars Rover” is produced by Emulus Films and distributed by 8 STAR Entertainment in association with Cat’s Eye Media.

“Making The Mars Rover” premiered November 29th on Science Channel in the USA and is streaming on SCIgo.


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Chef Messenger

Chef Messenger


Chef Messenger is a unique reality show packed with fun, emotions and of course some gourmet food!thumbnail-chef-messenger



Each episode captures the story of a protagonist who needs assistance to convey an important message to a loved one. A celebrity chef helms the show and acts as the friend-philosopher-guide, helping the protagonist in his/her quest.



  • A warm, feel good entertainment format that draws the viewers into an emotional journey
  • A food show with a difference! A unique presentation which brings together food and emotions
  • The celeb chef connects with the viewers as a friend, trying to help people express themselves
  • The show can also be helmed by a star with wider mass appeal


Sample messages can be …chef-messenger-111

  • Baby announcement by couple to close family
  • Wedding proposal by girlfriend/boyfriend
  • Apology to a loved one
  • Coming out of the closet
  • Homecoming surprise to parents
  • Surprising family with a new house
  • Kids prepare a date set-up for parents
  • Clearing differences/misunderstandings


Chef Messenger – making the world a happier place one gourmet message at a time!


Steal That Style

Steal That Style

screen-shot-2017-11-01-at-3-03-36-am  screen-shot-2017-11-01-at-3-02-14-am

Have you ever seen someone in the street with an outfit you love? Don’t you wish you could you could just stop them and ask “where did you get that?” or even better, get them to give it you?

Get ready, to STEAL THAT STYLE!

Three women meet an internationally known stylist who kicks off the competition with a little advice on looks that will work for each of them.

The only problem is they can’t go to their usual fashion destinations. Instead they have just an hour to create their outfit using only clothes belonging to regular people they encounter on the street.



Like “The Apprentice”, they must use their powers of persuasion, negotiation and charm to put together their best looking outfit for only $1000. This includes shoes, jewelry, skirt, blouse, hat, bag, make up etc.



If they make a deal, the person will give them their clothes there and then (they’ll be given show branded merchandise to take the place of the item of clothing they just sold).


Once the clock has stopped, the contestants are whisked away to get a makeover, hair and makeup, but also we will see the clothes getting their own makeover with first class dry cleaning treatment, to make them all sparkly new, and also a few extra touches from our stylist.



Back in the studio, the host will judge who did it best!








Concierge is an extraordinary new reality series, available as 39 x half hour episodes, and also as an international format.


Around the world, there are tscreen-shot-2017-09-30-at-10-30-06-am-copyhose who exist in the highest echelon of incomes…the one percenters….and then there are the high end concierges who serve them.  24/7, 365 days of the year, somewhere in the world, in one of their 70 offices, they’re there to serve.  They are the best of the best…Concierge.


Concierge is a series that follows the elite team based in Los Angeles whose job it is to access the inaccessible, deliver when no one else can, and never say no to their clients.

They make members feel at home in a new city and turn their wildest dreams into a reality!

The team’s mission is to always say yes. And their job is to always make it happen. The team prides itself on being able to handle unusual requests with a huge sense of urgency. And open up doors never imagined!



Every episode delivers new, seemingly impossible requests, outrageous deadlines and chaotic obstacles. Whether it’s your favorite bread from LA delivered the next day to your doorstep of your Parisian chateau, or a last minute demand for an exclusive backstage arena, no challenge is left undone. Members have their every wish and desire satisfied. And it’s all because of the one group that is capable of accomplishing it all, Quintessentially.


Every episode will follow 3 story lines (requests): 1 major stand alone request — An outrageous request from a member usually in Los Angeles. The stakes are high and our member has pushed this to high priority.

2 smaller stand alone requests —screen-shot-2017-09-30-at-10-30-40-am-copy These requests start and end at two different times throughout the day. With Agents all over Los Angeles, they will meet their Member’s demand quickly.



A few examples of real requests:


“I had a very interesting request this week.  A client from Saudi Arabia wants to break the world record set in the Philippines for a fireworks display, so he requested a rehearsal.  I sourced the fireworks from China, had an explosive pyrotechnical expert flown in from the UK and stationed water tankers, just in case, along the Dubai Creek.  All went as planned so he will have an amazing New Year celebration.” 




“My client wanted to do a multi-day heli-skiing safari in Zermatt, so in addition to the helicopter daily, I had to arrange for his luggage to be transported from village to village, and hotel to hotel. He’s asked me to arrange for skiing the pistes at St. Moritz next.” 


“My client’s daughter is interested in modeling, so I arranged not only for her VIP attendance at the Essential Herzigova fashion show in Kazakhstan, but also for her to appear on the runway as one of the featured models.”

Dinner on an iceberg? 10 albino peacocks for a cocktail party? No problem … Concierge
Now in production. Full episodes available from 2018.


Top Table

Top Table



21 year olds compete to earn a seat at The Top Table and face off against local and national politicians.



All questions are on the table in this engaging, powerful public debate forum, currently broadcast on BBC One Northern Ireland. Questions run from “Should drugs be legalized?” t0 “Does God exist?” From “Have young people abandoned the BBC?” to “Should you have a vote at 16?” From “Is porn dangerous?” to questions about mental health, Brexit and The Irish Language Act.





The host moderates the conversation, and the four youngsters selected for the hot seats have been supported in debate techniques and public speaking so they can argue their case from their personal standpoints effectively and well.



Politicians from across the spectrum sit opposite, prepared to answer the toughest questions posed to them by the younger generation and the audience members.



The studio audience is also divided into two groups; one 21 and younger, the other 21 and older.


The emphasis is always on the voices of the youngsters, and cut-away interviews from the local area allow even more of them to have their say and be heard.


The Top Table brings a youth audience to the debate, stays current and fresh, and can be run before elections, on a weekly or monthly schedule, or around special national events and interests.






Richard Zimler

Richard Zimler



Richard Zimler was born in New York in 1956. After earning a bachelor’s degree in comparative religion from Duke University (1977) and a master’s degree in journalism from Stanford University (1982), he worked as a journalist in the San Francisco Bay area for eight years. In 1990, he moved to Porto, Portugal, where he taught journalism for 16 years at the University of Porto.

Richard has published 11 novels and four children’s books over the last 21 years, and they have been translated into 23 languages. In chronological order, the novels are entitled, The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon, Unholy Ghosts, The Angelic Darkness, Hunting Midnight, Guardian of the Dawn, The Search for Sana, The Seventh Gate, The Warsaw Anagrams, Strawberry Fields Forever, The Night Watchman and The Gospel According to Lazarus. These works have appeared on bestseller lists in 13 different countries, including the USA, Great Britain, Portugal, Brazil, Australia and Italy, and Richard has won literary prizes in the USA, England, France and Portugal.

The Warsaw Anagrams,zimler-strawberry-fields Hunting Midnight, The Search for Sana, The Seventh Gate and The Night Watchman have all been nominated for the International IMPAC Literary Award, the richest prize in the English-speaking world. The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon, Hunting Midnight, Guardian of the Dawn and The Seventh Gate form the “Sephardic Cycle,” a group of inter-connected – but fully independent – novels about different branches and generations of a Portuguese Jewish family.

A short film that he scripted and acted in – based on one of his stories – won the Best Drama award at the 2010 New York City Downtown Short Film Festival. It irichard-zimler-pixs entitled The Slow Mirror.

Richard has lectured at more than 500 schools, libraries, museums, synagogues and cultural centers over the last 20 years. He is most frequently asked to talk about his own writing and Sephardic history.


When he’s not working on a book, he enjoys gardening at his weekend house in the north of the country.

His website is:

zimler-the-warsaw-anagramszimler-la-quete-de-sana zimler-the-lasts-kabbalist

See It, Sing It!

See It, Sing It!




This is a 30 minute panel game show where you literally sing what you see.

Two (celebrity) teams compete for points as they sing as many songs as they can see in a picture or video clip. The teams must sing a line of a song whose title corresponds to what they see in the video or picture, and the host awards them a point for every successful match.

With plenty of light-hearted comedy, play-at-home and app potential, this format is sure to become a favorite.

Email us for more details on the game play!



La Derniere Porte

La Derniere Porte



Available as a format and as finished content, 8 x 26′

La Dernière Porte/The Last Door is a 26-minute adventure game based on Escape Games during which 3 contestants have to find and solve puzzles within a limited time in order to win prizes.

The three friends have to think, communicate and work together. The experience is firmly immersive, with the host replaced by a voice-over (the Game Master) who reminds them of the rules of the game and the stakes, as well as giving them advice if they chose to use a joker to get help in a room.ldp-ilario

Each program is a new mission, with each mission based on a specific world (Pirates, Far West, Medieval, Egypt…) in which stories are told. This gives young viewers the opportunity to learn while having fun!


After a short introduction, the contestants are invited to enter the time machine in order to get briefed on the mission that awaits them.

Contestants progress through 3 successive rooms. In each room, the kids have 8 minutes to find clues that will lead them to a puzzle they need to solve. ldp-kids-with-skeleton-pix

Clues mean hidden objects in each room that allow them, individually or assembled together, to access the puzzle (keys, magnet wire, rod, etc.). A puzzle is a scroll the contestants have to decipher or solve.

Camera work breaks the rules of children’s studio based game shows, with GoPros bringing the audience into the middle of the action with all the immediacy of taking part in a video game.

Puzzles are also submitted to the viewers as soon as they are found so they can solve them at home. ldp-bw

The quicker the contestants solve the puzzles in the rooms, the more bonus points they earn and the closer they get to winning the main prize.

Prizes range from an electronic skateboard, to tablet computers, and smaller prizes for taking part in the game. ldp-prizes