Month: October 2018

Chef Messenger

Chef Messenger


Chef Messenger is a unique reality show packed with fun, emotions and of course some gourmet food!thumbnail-chef-messenger



Each episode captures the story of a protagonist who needs assistance to convey an important message to a loved one. A celebrity chef helms the show and acts as the friend-philosopher-guide, helping the protagonist in his/her quest.



  • A warm, feel good entertainment format that draws the viewers into an emotional journey
  • A food show with a difference! A unique presentation which brings together food and emotions
  • The celeb chef connects with the viewers as a friend, trying to help people express themselves
  • The show can also be helmed by a star with wider mass appeal


Sample messages can be …chef-messenger-111

  • Baby announcement by couple to close family
  • Wedding proposal by girlfriend/boyfriend
  • Apology to a loved one
  • Coming out of the closet
  • Homecoming surprise to parents
  • Surprising family with a new house
  • Kids prepare a date set-up for parents
  • Clearing differences/misunderstandings


Chef Messenger – making the world a happier place one gourmet message at a time!