Month: August 2016

Urban Detox

Urban Detox


GENRE: Docu-Reality

5 episodes: An introductory episode followed by 4 weekly episodes.

Urban Detox is a competition between four families to see who can live out the best, environmentally correct lifestyle. The format is designed to be interactive, and available on multiple media platforms.

The aim is to raise awareness about environmental issues, healthy living, improving family relations and making daily economies while engaging with viewers who are not already tree-hugging, bicycle-riding, environmental activists.

This experimental reality contest will promote behavioral changes both in the participants’ lives and in the public, by allowing them to follow the participants and experiment on their own project, while sharing experiences on social media.

As a brand new concept in television, the program will educate, entertain and engage audiences by showing what differences no-impact living can have on our overall quality of life. The show is not only about giving up our comforts and modern living, but it is also an opportunity for everyone to question whether these conveniences are actually making us happier or just wasting our time and money.

Date My Boss

Date My Boss


TRAILER Date My Boss

DATE MY BOSS: Every office needs a little romance. So get ready for a brand new reality game show where three employees will be competing against each other and working overtime to find the perfect date for their single and demanding boss. FIRST, we’ll profile our boss and the company they run – think funeral home, plastic surgery, detective agency or the local car mechanic’s – quirky, distinctive workplaces with a boss to match. NEXT, each of the three employees will put forward who they think is their bosses perfect match… and why. NOW, our boss will go on three dates… and our employees will be watching every moment via remote telling us where they think the boss is going right… and going wrong… and dissing their co-worker date choices. THE BIG REVEAL… at the end of the three dates our boss will pick the one they’d most like to see again. The employee who picked the date wins an employee bonus… and hopefully the boss has won someone’s heart… at last!