Month: November 2018

Making The Mars Rover

Making The Mars Rover



Making The Mars Rover

120′ special in 2 parts

When NASA’s Kennedy Space Center challenged Marc and Shanon Parker to design and build a concept vehicle for a 2030 manned mission to Mars, they met with former astronauts and NASA engineers to create the Martian rover of the future.making-the-mars-rover-sketch-promo

“Making the Mars Rover” shows how Parker Brothers Concepts built a futuristic vehicle to inspire and educate visitors at the Kennedy Space Center as part of the new Astronaut Training Experience making-the-mars-rover-promo-3attraction. Custom car experts Marc and Shanon Parker incorporated input from NASA into the build, along with their own unique design features and many engineering challenges along the way.

“Making the Mars Rover” is produced by Emulus Films and distributed by 8 STAR Entertainment in association with Cat’s Eye Media.

“Making The Mars Rover” premiered November 29th on Science Channel in the USA and is streaming on SCIgo.


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