Fallen Angels

fallen-angels-girl Fallen Angels – Fashion/Drama series 13 x 1 hour

The global fashion industry has evolved. Bloggers, social media and online retailers have placed the power to sell in new, unfamiliar hands. The lines between fashion, entertainment and music have blurred an the old order is fighting for its very survival. The icons of the catwalk are no longer created by the industry, they are raised up and pulled down by hits, likes and retweets.

Former athlete/model Remie Lewis and her business partner, Russian ex supermodel Margo Goldsmith set up the “LEGS” agency to reach out for the girls high fashion missed. Now retired from the catwalk, both women fought the industry their whole careers, striving to overcome the prejudices of the fashion world and the demons it unleashed.

The agency is fractured. Margo’s unpredictable behavior has seen the company driven out of the US by powerful competition and forced Remie to buy her estranged partner out, relaunching the company alone in Amsterdam, Europe.

Abandoned in the rats’ nest of LA, Margo has a lead on the greatest prize of all. Laurfallen-angels-roomin Cantu is 20, quirky and the Instagram queen. She has an online social following in the tens of millions and is the most powerful face in fashion. When Laurin publicly attacks her management and runs to France Margo senses an opportunity to steal a top client and make things right with Remie.

Margo convinces Laurin she needs protection, but as forces gather to battle for Laurin’s image, Margo and Remie must reunite, overcome their own battle scars and relaunch in Amsterdam. They may win Laurin as a client, but doing will gain them the most powerful enemy in fashion and entertainment, one that will stop at nothing to rip Laurin down and crown the next angel of fashion.

An angel they control.


Written by Nick Bain

Production partners XO Squared and FCCE Productions

Fallen Angels
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