It’s simple, 8 arms and one mind! Octopus has contestants working in teams of 4, acting in unison, in order to reach the final round and win the big prize!

To start out, players are drawn from the studio audience to make 3 teams of 4. The team are grouped so they face outward from each other, and cannot see how everyone else answers.


When they answer questions, they hit their buzzers and must all react in the same way to win points. For example, if asked “Is Manchester in Great Britain?” all 4 team members must say “Yes!” to win a point. If one person answers incorrectly, they all fail to score. Likewise, in multiple choice questions, all team members must make the correct choice to win the point. The game also includes a challenge round, where 1 team member is randomly chosen to complete a challenge and win points. The challenge round has 5 challenges, not related to general knowledge, but about inherent skills and talents such as Language, Memory, Music, Spatial Relations, or Dexterity. octopus-logo

There are 3 rounds for the Octopii to get through…

Round 1 – True or False. After this general knowledge round, the top 2 teams go through.
Round 2 – Challenges. The first team to get 3 points goes through to the final.
Round 3 – Multiple choice against the clock. There are 4 options for every question, and the Octopus Team must get 10 points within 90 seconds to win the grand prize!




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