Steal That Style

Steal That Style

Steal That Style

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Have you ever seen someone in the street with an outfit you love? Don’t you wish you could you could just stop them and ask “where did you get that?” or even better, get them to give it you?

Get ready, to STEAL THAT STYLE!

Three women meet an internationally known stylist who kicks off the competition with a little advice on looks that will work for each of them.

The only problem is they can’t go to their usual fashion destinations. Instead they have just an hour to create their outfit using only clothes belonging to regular people they encounter on the street.



Like “The Apprentice”, they must use their powers of persuasion, negotiation and charm to put together their best looking outfit for only $1000. This includes shoes, jewelry, skirt, blouse, hat, bag, make up etc.



If they make a deal, the person will give them their clothes there and then (they’ll be given show branded merchandise to take the place of the item of clothing they just sold).


Once the clock has stopped, the contestants are whisked away to get a makeover, hair and makeup, but also we will see the clothes getting their own makeover with first class dry cleaning treatment, to make them all sparkly new, and also a few extra touches from our stylist.



Back in the studio, the host will judge who did it best!