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Hatching a Fortune

Hatching a Fortune




Hatching a Fortune is a game show based on hatching eggs. It combines general knowledge with sheer luck! Over 3 rounds, contestants battle to win eggs, incubate eggs, and finally hatch eggs in the final round.

The Eggs

There are 3 types of egg in this competition. Competitors have 30 eggs to choose from.

Not everything that comes out of an egg is nice! There are 10 booby prizes, represented by reptiles inside the egg. These prizes have no commercial value.

croc-in-egg10 eggs contain “nice” prizes. These prizes are of moderate value, $50-200 dollars.

Our final 10 eggs are the Golden Eggs that contain high value prizes, for example holidays and cash prizes.

All eggs are the same size, colour and weight, the size of an ostrich egg. In addition to prize information, eggs also contain a light which is controlled electronically.

How the game works:

The game has three rounds.

Round 1

This general knowledge round places 3 competitors in competition to win as many eggs as possible. The contestant with the lowest score is eliminated.

At the end of the round, the 2 winning competitors select their eggs from “the nest” – they move their eggs to their incubators.

Round 2

Round 2 is about keeping eggs alive. Each egg has an inbuilt glowing light. Every ten seconds, a light will be extinguished, and an egg will die. The only way to delay is by answering a question correctly, which gives a time stay of 10 seconds.

In Round 2, contestants go head to head to answer general knowledge questions. They cannot win additional eggs, but the score keeps their eggs alive.

So for example – a competitor has 10 eggs at the beginning of the round. He answers a question correctly after 6 seconds – a light won’t then go out for another 14 seconds. If 5 seconds later he answers another question correctly, a light won’t go out for another 19 seconds. If he fails to answer a question for 30 seconds, 1 light will go out, and another one 9 seconds later.chick

If a competitor buzzes in and answers a question incorrectly, a light will automatically be extinguished.
The competitor with the most eggs at the end of the round goes through to the final.
There is an option to show the loser what they would have won by hatching their eggs – opening them to reveal their prizes.

Round 3

In the final, the remaining contestant has 60 seconds to hatch as many eggs as possible. Answering a question correctly will hatch the egg (release a lid).
At the end of the 60 seconds, the prizes won will be revealed.

The Set

The set in Round 1 consists of 3 podiums for contestants, a podium for the presenter and a display containing the 30 eggs, from which contestants will choose their eggs should they proceed to the next round.

In Round 2, incubators are placed adjacent to each competitor. This is where they place their eggs for the next round. The incubator controls switching off the lights within the eggs in accordance with the rules of the game.


In the final round, the winning player moves their eggs to The Hatchery. As questions are answered correctly, the eggs crack but do not open. The object of the round is to have as many eggs opened as possible within 60 seconds.

The final reveal is at The Incubator, where the competitor opens their eggs to reveal their prizes.